What Babysitting Jobs Can a 13 Year Old Do?


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Thirteen year olds can do nearly any babysitting job that isn't through a professional daycare center. They can watch children in their home or in the child's home.

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Due to the various labor laws throughout the country, most children under the age of 18 can't work in a daycare setting. This means that a 13 year old would not be able to work in a daycare, but could easily babysit younger children in her own home or provide assistance to the child's parents as a "mother's helper." The type of babysitting job that a 13 year old qualifies for depends on her level of maturity. Babysitters who are under 18 are generally recommended to have no more than 3 children in their care at any time because it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Any 13 year old who wishes to be a babysitter should also obtain some type of CPR training and should have a general knowledge of how to take care of younger children.

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