How Is a Babysitting Contract Written?

Babysitters are child care providers, thus their contract must contain any relevant details about what kind of care they're being hired to provide and at what cost. A contract enables both parties to ward off potential problems and serves as a source of conflict resolution. A contract must state the basics, such as the babysitter's name and the names and ages of the children to be looked after.

Include specifics about what the babysitter will earn. Specify the agreed upon hourly rate; if the rate is determined on a different basis, then provide the details of the agreement. Specify when the babysitter will be paid, for example, at the conclusion of each child care session. Indicate what the overtime and late pick-up fees will be. If a babysitter is needed for holidays, excursions, vacations or other special events, the fee for these special occasions must be put down in writing.

In the event the babysitter's services are no longer needed, write down what the termination process will be. Indicate whether the babysitter will receive 2 weeks' notice, for example. The contract must also contain the babysitter's stipulations, such as the right to discontinue care if accounting delinquency occurs and payments are outstanding.