What Is B2G E-Commerce?

B2G e-commerce means business-to-government e-commerce, a concept where government agencies and businesses can use the Internet to transact business. A typical B2G e-commerce website offers an efficient system for business information exchange as well as facilitation of business transactions over the Internet.

A B2G website acts as a central online place where businesses can access tax forms and other documents needed to facilitate trading. Most importantly, B2G websites can also provide electronic procurement services that improve efficiency in the various government procurement projects. A B2G website could also support the concept of a virtual workplace where agencies and business organizations coordinate work and tasks on an ongoing project. Typical tasks accomplished on such a platform include progress tracking, project reviews and online meetings.

B2G could also entail software as a service for access to applications specifically designed for government agencies. The B2G concept has not fully taken off because government electronic procurement systems are largely underdeveloped, according to Digithales.

Like consumer e-commerce, B2G promises a lot for the future, according to TechTarget. Once in use, B2G is expected to eliminate a lot of inefficiencies present in the current offline systems, in addition to improving efficiencies and increasing transparency in government procurement processes.