What Are Some Facts About AWA Insurance?

What Are Some Facts About AWA Insurance?

As of 2015, Affiliated Workers Association offers plans to cover short-term medical, gap, dental, vision and accident insurance, according to the association. Short-term medical benefits coverage ranges from six to 11 months with varying deductibles. Gap insurance covers unforeseen expenses due to an accident and bridges the gap for members with high-deductible health care plans. Affiliated Workers Association's dental and vision insurance plans offer comprehensive benefits. Accident insurance benefits depend on an individual's membership.

The insurance benefits that Affiliated Workers Association offers do not meet the individual mandate requirement as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act defines it, explains the association. Affiliated Workers Association offers its short-term medical insurance through National Health Insurance Company. Plans cover physician and emergency room visits, hospitalization, and mental, physical and home health care benefits. Association benefits include a preferred provider organization.

Accident insurance plans cover accidental death and dismemberment; critical illness lump sum benefits, fixed indemnity and accident medical expense, notes the Affiliated Workers Association. Combined Insurance

Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America underwrite the policies, which include outpatient surgery, hospitalization and emergency room treatment. The association's gap insurance products protect policyholders' finances and pay benefits in cash for accident-related out of-pocket expenses.

Dental plans cover dental exams, teeth cleanings, oral surgery, periodontics and other benefits, states the Affiliated Workers Association. Coverage includes crowns, dentures, bridges and orthodontics for dependent children. The association offers its members dental indemnity plans with preventive care benefits. The vision plan includes coverage for eye exams and prescription lenses.