How Do You Avoid Eye Strain While Working on a Computer?


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According to All About Vision, key tips for avoiding and reducing eye strain while working on a computer include making sure the work area has proper lighting and reducing glare. In addition, it is important to get regular eye exams and to keep glasses or contacts prescriptions updated.

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How Do You Avoid Eye Strain While Working on a Computer?
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Time magazine suggests using a visor test to determine whether or not lighting in the work area is appropriate for computer use. If eyes feel better when cupping one's hands over them like the visor of a baseball cap, then the lighting in the workspace should be changed. Office lighting is typically too bright for working on a computer. Turning off overhead fluorescent lights can reduce eye strain. Replacing them with incandescent or halogen lighting set off to the side of the computer is a good option. Reducing glare on the screen is also key to preventing eye strain.

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