What Is the Average Salary for a Montessori Assistant Teacher?

The yearly salary for a Montessori assistant teacher is approximately $16,000. Salaries for assistant teachers vary according to school size, location and labor market demand.

Montessori teachers who successfully complete the series of trainings offered by the Association Montessori International receive an AMI diploma. The program is rigorous and as the AMI site suggests, newly certified Montessori teachers can expect to receive a competitive salary and benefits package.

Because the hourly wage for a Montessori assistant teacher can range widely (for example, one Montessori website suggests between $14.21-$16.08), prospective teacher candidates should research thoroughly prior to making an employment commitment. Review costs to complete the AMI training program and identify labor market trends in the desired area of employment. Recognize that salary packages vary and may be based on level of applicant teaching experience (within and outside the Montessori system), grade level of students and benefits options.