What Is the Average Salary of an Esthetician?


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The average annual salary for an esthetician, or skincare specialist, was $32,990 as of May 2013, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This equates to $15.86 per hour. The median annual income was $28,940.

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Average salary varies by employment sector. Estheticians in personal care services, the largest sector, averaged $31,390 per year as of May 2013, according to BLS. Those who worked in physician's offices made $40,990. In amusement and recreation industries, the average annual salary was $33,660. In travel accommodations, pay was $33,600, and in health and personal care stores, average pay was $33,630.

At the low end, 10 percent of estheticians earned $17,480 or less. Twenty-five percent averaged $19,590 or less. At the high end, 10 percent made $56,930 or more, and twenty-five percent made $39,160 or more.

Pay also varies by region. Though overall employment of estheticians was relatively low, New Hampshire was the highest-paying state with average pay of $42,300 annually. The District of Columbia, another low-employment area, was the second-highest paying state or territory at $39,820. Arkansas, also a low-employment state, had an average of $39,250. Massachusetts, the highest employer among top-paying states, had average pay of $39,010. Virginia rounded out the top five with average pay of $37,370 per year.

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