What Is the Average Salary for an Entry-Level Position in the Marine Reserves?


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Marine Reservists with two years or less of service and a pay grade of O-1 receive $2,934.30 per year, as of January 2015. Reserve Marines participate in drills that typically occur one weekend each month, plus two full weeks in summer, or a total of 38 days per year.

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After two years of cumulative service, a Marine Reservist's pay increases to $3,054.30 a year, and after three years, this goes up to $3,692.10. Applicants with college degrees who meet certain criteria may start as officers and be classified at a higher pay grade. Reservists typically earn more with promotions and longer years of service. For example, a pay grade of O-5 and more than four years of service entitles the Marine Reservist to a yearly salary of $6,288.

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