What Is the Average Salary of an Actuary?


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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average salary of an actuary was $110,090 for the year 2014. The median salary was $96,700. Actuaries with salaries in the top ten percent earned $180,680 or more, while actuaries in the bottom 10 percent earned $58,080 or less.

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Salaries were heavily affected by location, with the state of New York having the highest average salary of $135,620. California had the next highest with $111,000, followed closely by Pennsylvania with $110,800. The highest-paying location was the county of New York and surrounding counties with an average salary of $139,290. This location also accounted for the largest number of actuaries with 2,510. It had more actuaries than any other state and comprised almost 95 percent of New York state's actuaries.

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