What Is the Average Price of SR-22 Insurance?

The average cost of having a form SR-22 filed on a vehicle owner's behalf ranges from $15 to $30, according to The Truth About Insurance. SR-22 is a form that proves the possession of vehicle insurance.

The Truth About Insurance explains that SR-22 is not insurance, but a form required to be filed with a U.S. state to prove the purchase, activation and maintenance of vehicle insurance. An SR-22 form can be obtained only through an insurance agent or provider. This is the state's way to ensure accountability for maintaining liability insurance on a vehicle after the owner has been convicted of driving without insurance or one of several major moving violations.

While the cost of filing the SR-22 is relatively minimal, the greater expense is realized when insurance is obtained or adjusted as a result of the SR-22, The Truth About Insurance notes. If the cause for the SR-22 is a driving-while-intoxicated or driving-under-the-influence conviction, the driver's insurance premiums are likely to double or triple.