What Is the Average Pay for Trucking Dispatchers?

What Is the Average Pay for Trucking Dispatchers?

The average annual salary for trucking dispatchers in the United States is $41,000, as of May 2015. The actual salary for a trucking dispatcher may depend on the geographical location, the company and the dispatcher's experience, notes PayScale.

Trucking dispatchers in the U.S. earn between $29,382 and $58,276 per year, according to PayScale. They may receive bonuses amounting to $4,222 and profit sharing arrangements between $500 and $6,000. These professionals may earn commissions amounting to $11,000 per year.

Fleet dispatchers are in charge of assigning routes, destinations and timelines to drivers. They regularly communicate with drivers on the road to ensure safety and accuracy in the relaying of information to clients. Dispatchers are also responsible for communicating to clients on logistics and any concerns that may be raised.

These professionals are in charge of legal issues, including vehicle insurance and taxes. They have a duty to ensure vehicle maintenance and cleanliness.

Dispatchers may be required to ascertain that tracking systems are in good working condition. They are also in charge of updating records regarding vehicles that have departed and those that have arrived.

To qualify as a trucking dispatcher, an individual must have a high school diploma at minimum. Good communication and managerial skills are an added advantage to those wishing to join this profession, notes Career Planner.