How Do You Find Average Pay Rates for Different Professions?


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Find average pay rates for different professions by using the tools on sites such as Indeed.com, PayScale.com, BLS.gov and Salary.com, as of 2016. Each site obtains its data from different sources, including job postings and national surveys, offering details about historical changes in pay rates, comparisons to national averages and breakdowns within specific regions.

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Indeed includes a tool that allows users to search for the average salary of a particular profession in a given city and state or ZIP code, checking the job titles and descriptions that appear in listings on the site. The tool displays a chart of the changes in the national salary trend for that general position as well as details about the pay rate for similar job titles and roles.

PayScale offers a tool that looks at the median pay for various career types across the country, which can include both annual salaries as well as hourly rates. The site also offers descriptions of different job types according to a standard set of categories along with different pay rate details for overtime or tips.

Salary.com has a similar search tool that allows users to look for details about a general industry or job category, such as registered nurses or high school teachers.

BLS.gov is the official website for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks details about the current job market and monitors trends across pay rates in all industries. It publishes annual pay rate reports for various industries rather than specific positions.

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