What Is the Average Hourly Salary for a Phlebotomist?

average-hourly-salary-phlebotomist Credit: monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The average hourly wage for a phlebotomist as of the May 2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data was $15.33, which equated to an annual salary of $31,890. In general medical and surgical hospitals, the largest employment sector, the average hourly wage was $14.99.

In medical and diagnostic laboratories, another top employment sector, the average wage was $15.70 per hour. Physicians offices paid an average of $15.13 per hour. Among states and territories, Alaska offered the highest average wage at $18.53 per hour. The District of Columbia was the next-highest at $18.18 hourly. New York and California were other top-paying states with average hourly wages of $18.17 and $18.16, respectively.