What Is the Average Grocery Bill Per Month for One Person?

In 2014, the average grocery bill for men and women ages 19 and up per month was about $302, according to data compiled by the United States Department of Agriculture. This data averages out findings of men and women in four different types of buying plans, which are thrifty buying, low cost, moderate cost and liberal grocery buying behavior, as well as across two age groups, ages 19 to 50 and 51 to 70.

The average male on a thrifty grocery-buying plan spends, on average, $214.86 per month. This includes individuals who take only cost into account while buying groceries and do not make spontaneous purchases. A man on a low-cost plan spends $281.82 per month, while men on moderate and liberal plans spend about $352 and $429 per month, respectively. Across all buying plans, the average male spent about $319.37 per month on groceries in 2014, according to Lower Your Spending.

Using the same grocery buying plans as above, women spent $198.72 per month on a thrifty plan, $248.58 on a low-cost plan, $308.16 on a moderate plan and $383.10 on a liberal buying plan. Averaging all plans, women ages 19 to 70 spent around $284.64 per month on groceries in 2014.