What Was the Average Estimated Refund on a 2013 Tax Return?


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The average refund on a 2013 U.S. income tax return was $2,792, according to Internal Revenue Service statistics. Refunds totaling over $305 billion were claimed on more than 73 percent of the 149,684,000 returns filed. Payments were directly deposited to banks or debit cards on 76.7 percent of the refunds.

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The 2013 individual income tax returns were filed during 2014, and the statistics were compiled through December 26. Interim statistics were calculated several times during the year, including weekly from February through May, yielding different results. Data from February 28 shows an average refund of $3,034, with 82 percent of the filed returns claiming a refund. The IRS website has similar statistics available for 2009 and later years.

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