What Is the Average Cost of Total Knee Replacement Surgery?


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In the United States the average total incurred charges for a total knee replacement comes close to $57,000, according to Healthline. The average hospital charge is $49,500. In-patient charges from the surgeon and other providers may add an additional average of $7,500.

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The final charge depends on factors like the number of days spent in the hospital, the length of time spent in the operating room, the type of implant and surgical approach, any pre-existing conditions that could require extra care, and any unanticipated care or equipment required to handle any possible complications, notes Healthline. There are also out-patient charges associated with total knee replacements. These expenses include pre-operative costs associated with office visits, relevant lab work, charges for physical therapy and follow-up visits with the surgeon. The total cost of a knee replacement can vary even within the same geographical area.

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