What Is the Average Cost of Prefabricated Homes As of 2015?


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The average cost of a prefabricated home is approximately $180 to $220 per square foot as of 2015, according to Money Crashers. Size and location affect the total cost, which also usually includes the cost of amenities and interior fixtures.

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The type of prefabricated home affects the ultimate price per square foot. Modular homes, panelized homes and pre-cut homes all fall under the umbrella term "prefabricated home."

Any home with sections built in a factory and then assembled on site is prefabricated. In the case of modular homes, each section of the house is a separately constructed module. A crew lowers each module into place on site and then secures the modules together.

Similarly, panelized homes begin as individually constructed panels that a crew then assembles on site. Pre-cut refers to homes built in pieces in a factory and then shipped as a home kit to a site, where a crew constructs the abode.

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