What Is the Average Cost of Plastic Pallets?


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The average price of a 48-by-40 four-way industrial plastic pallet is approximately $30 to $40 as of 2015. Uline.com and GlobalIndustrial.com sell standard versions, and the latter vendor features them at a reduction of roughly $2 per pallet when customers purchase more than 20 at one time.

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The 48-by-40 industrial plastic pallets that Uline.com and GlobalIndustrial.com sells are standard stackable pallets for warehouse use with a floor capacity of roughly 7,500 to 10,000 pounds and a fork capacity of about 2,000 pounds. Fork capacity refers to the use of a fork lift for transporting industrial plastic pallets laden with weight. Four-way means that a forklift can approach and lift the pallet from all sides. As of 2015, similar pallets made of extruded plastic sell on average for roughly $80 to $90.

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