How Do You Find the Average Car Insurance Rates?

How Do You Find the Average Car Insurance Rates?

Find average car insurance rates by going to the Value Insurance website and navigating to the Average Cost of Car Insurance page. When looking for a car insurance provider, it is helpful to compare insurance rates to get the best deal, according to

Each state has its own requirements on how much insurance coverage a driver must have. Some states may have low limit of liability insurance, while others may have several coverage requirements such as personal injury and uninsured motorist coverage, according to .

Insurance companies gather information about clients and their vehicles and use it to calculate the cost of auto insurance coverage, which can factor in to the price of insurance premiums. The information gathered include a client's driving record, auto insurance history and the car's model, make and year.

The following shows one way of finding the average cost of insurance.

  1. Go to the Value Penguin website
  2. Search for the Value Penguin website with a preferred browser and press enter.

  3. Navigate to the Average Cost of Insurance page
  4. Scroll down and search for Auto Insurance just below the banner. Click on the Average Cost of Auto Insurance.

  5. Explore the page
  6. Find the average rate for any state.