What Is the Average Base Salary for a Dialysis Technician?


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The median annual base salary of renal dialysis technicians is $37,696, as of November 2015, according to Salary.com. Half of renal dialysis technicians nationwide make between $33,363 and $43,220. The median equates to $18 per hour, with half of renal dialysis technicians between $16 and $21 per hour.

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The 10th percentile annual base salary is $29,417 and the 90th percentile is $48,250. Including bonuses with the annual base salary, the median is $37,886. With benefits also included, the median total compensation is $56,131. Typically, the largest portion of benefits is healthcare with a national median of $6,592, followed by time off with a national median of $4,663.

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