What Is Available at StudentLoans.gov?

What Is Available at StudentLoans.gov?

Undergraduate students can complete entrance counseling or digitally sign a master promissory note for their loans on FederalStudentAid. Undergrads can also complete financial awareness counseling and exit counseling, use the site's repayment estimator and complete their TEACH grant agreements and take TEACH counseling. Using these features requires account creation.

Graduate and professional students can also access entrance counseling and master promissory notes on FederalStudentAid, notes the website. Additional services for graduate students on the site include applying for a PLUS loan, completing PLUS loan counseling, and documenting extenuating circumstances for various loan programs.

Parent borrowers use the site to apply for PLUS loans, complete PLUS master promissory notes and counseling and endorse and print electronic addendums. Parents also have access to a repayment estimator and financial awareness counseling.

All registered visitors can complete consolidation loan applications and sign promissory notes on FederalStudentAid. They can also apply for income-driven student loan repayment plans or co-sign a spouse's income-driven repayment plan request.

In addition, FederalStudentAid offers tools and resources for student and parent borrowers. This includes information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, interest rates for new direct loans, and a federal student loan overview. It also offers information about various student aid programs for both students and parents.