How Do You Get an Auto Loan at Westlake Financial Services?


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To get an auto loan from Westlake Financial Services, a customer can apply online, email the company at WSLS@westlakefinancial.com, or call the company's customer service number, according to company website. After sending an application, a representative of the firm contacts the applicant and provides guidance throughout the process of obtaining a car loan.

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A person who wants to apply online for vehicle financing should fill out the form on WestFinancial.com, by supplying the requested personal and financial information, and then submit the form, instructs Westlake Financial Services. The firm offers financing for both new and used cars.

Westlake Financial Services offers car loans to individuals with no credit history, bad credit or poor credit, explains the company. As of 2015, the company has a network of more than 16,000 dealers who work with customers to find their desired vehicles at reasonable rates. The car loan lender also provides loans to customers with good credit, low income, disability income or hard-to-prove incomes. Individuals with open bankruptcy, previous bankruptcy or previous car repossessions are also eligible to apply for loans.

Westlake Financial Services is based in Southern California. It was incorporated in 1988 and serves as the financial services subsidiary of the Hankey Automotive Group, states the company. The privately held finance company specializes in acquiring and servicing auto retail installment contracts. Westlake Financial Services has a network of new and used dealerships across the United States.

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