What Are Some Auto Insurance Symbols?


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Auto insurance symbols are numerical values, consisting of either one or two digits, used by an insurance company to indicate information about the type of vehicle covered, vehicle ownership, and its insurance coverage. Different symbols are used to distinguish the type of driver or how the vehicle is deployed, notes IMRI.

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Commercial liability-only coverage symbols, for example, range between 1 and 9. The value 1, the symbol for the broadest coverage in this category, indicates that the liability coverage is for any auto. The value 9 indicates that the coverage is for a non-owned auto. Symbol 9 would be used for a vehicle an individual doesn’t own, lease, borrow, or hire but is used in his business. Other symbols in this classification indicate the relationship between the insured and the vehicle he is driving, notes TheTruthAboutInsurance.com.

Commercial property damage auto insurance symbols range between 1 and 5. The symbol value 1 indicates full coverage for any auto. The symbol 2 include passenger vehicles owned by the insured. The symbol 3 denotes all other vehicles except those owned by the insured. Vehicles listed on the policy are indicated by auto insurance symbol 4. The symbol 5 indicates that the coverage is for hired vehicles the insured personally uses, according to Clarke & Sampson.

Symbols in other ranges exist for different classes of drivers and vehicles. For example, the range of 40 through 50 and 59 are reserved for truckers, according to the IRMI.

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