How Do You Get an Auto Insurance Quote From Plymouth Rock?

To receive an auto insurance quote from Plymouth Rock Assurance, visit the website, enter a valid ZIP code, click Get a Quote, fill in the requested information and click Submit. Plymouth Rock auto insurance is only available in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire as of 2015, notes

To receive an auto insurance quote from Plymouth Rock Assurance, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Type into a browser and press enter.

  3. Click Get a Quote
  4. Enter the relevant ZIP code and click the Go button in the middle of the page next to the Get a Quote field.

  5. Enter an effective date
  6. Enter the desired date to begin the policy and click Continue.

  7. Agree to the terms and conditions
  8. Enter the ZIP code again, if necessary, and click the button that says Agree and Start Quote.

  9. Fill in the requested information
  10. Fill in each section of the form. The form asks for the policyholder's name, email address and ZIP code along with other drivers' names, dates of birth and license statuses. The remaining sections ask for details on the vehicle and any past accidents or violations.

  11. Choose the desired coverage level
  12. Select Premium, Standard, Basic or State Minimum coverage and press Next.

  13. Review and fill in further information
  14. Review the pre-generated information for accuracy. Add additional details such as a home phone number and preferred contact method of phone or email.

  15. Verify the acknowledgements and submit
  16. Read each acknowledgement statement, select Yes to agree and receive a quote and then click Submit.

Potential customers should fill the form out as accurately as possible. The accuracy of a coverage quote depends on how correct the information is, states