What Are Some Attributes of a Good Leader?

Honesty, ability to delegate, confidence and commitment are some attributes of a good leader. Great leaders share such attributes and that leads to the success of their teams.

An organization and its employees are a reflection of the leader. A leader must maintain ethical and honest behavior if he wants employees to follow suit.

A good leader must have the ability to delegate. He must learn to trust his team with the vision of the organization if he wants it to progress from one stage to another. Trusting the team with the vision is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. However, for a leader to delegate, he must identify the strengths of different teams and capitalize on them. Delegating tasks also enables the leader to focus on high-level tasks meant for management level.

Sometimes things in the organization may not go according to plan. At such times, the leader must keep up his confidence level and maintain the morale of the team by reminding them that setbacks are a part of life, and they should focus on achieving long-term goals.

A good leader must be committed to his role and the organization if he wants his team to work hard and be productive. A committed leader earns respect from his team.