What Are the Attributes of Common VitalOne Health Plans?

What Are the Attributes of Common VitalOne Health Plans?

The attributes of VitalOne health plans vary based on the selected plan, according to the company's website. VitalOne offers individual, group, family, short term and student health insurance coverage. .

Plans available under each type of insurance include health maintenance organization, personal health insurance, point of service, guaranteed issue and critical illness insurance plans. Life insurance, accident insurance and health savings accounts are also available, as stated by VitalOne.

HMO plans require plan subscribers to choose a primary care physician and use in network doctors, hospitals and medical specialists, as noted by VitalOne. All specialist referrals are made via the primary care physician. Also, HMO subscribers pay full price for the use of medical services outside of the plan network.

PPO plans also offer a network of providers, although there is more flexibility with a PPO than with an HMO, according to VitalOne. PPO subscribers are not required to choose a primary care physician and may see specialists without a referral.

A POS plan is a hybrid of an HMO and a PPO, advises VitalOne. Subscribers select a primary care physician from the network, and the primary care physician may refer the subscriber to a specialist. POS subscribers may visit any medical service provider, but out-of-pocket costs are higher for out-of-network providers.