How Do You Attract a Company Sponsor?


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Attracting a company sponsor involves approaching the right person in the correct department with an outstanding and detailed sponsor proposal. It is also important to clearly understand the mission of your company and target demographic.

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Engage in research to locate the appropriate individual who can make a determination about company sponsorship. This person may be in the department of public relations, community affairs or brand management instead of the marketing department. It's best to reach out to the contact person by phone to make arrangements for a face-to-face meeting. Phone calls are more personal than email communication.

Begin a sponsorship proposal with a personal story about yourself or an individual who has been positively affected by what your business provides. This will provide an immediate emotional connection between your company and the decision-maker you are meeting with. Include within the proposal the mission statement of your business and the specific advantages the sponsor may reap by partnering with you. Describe the demographics of your customer base so the sponsor will understand the market they will have the opportunity to reach. Create an advisory board of other professionals within your industry to strengthen your credibility and perceived expertise. Provide a menu of sponsorship levels and pricing.

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