How Do You Attend Computer Coding School Online?


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Attend computer coding school online by signing up for a free course on sites such as MIT.edu and KhanAcademy.org or paid courses through sites such as edX.org, as of 2015. Furthermore, enroll in online colleges such as the University of Phoenix to take computer coding classes.

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MIT.edu offers several different computer programming classes online for free, with each course matching the content and structure of those available to students of the university. Each course features a digital textbook, online lesson plans and contact information for an MIT professor overseeing the class.

KhanAcademy.org allows you to create a free account and take computer coding classes in a variety of languages. It also includes digital and online texts. The course requires students to submit projects for review by experts and peers. The site includes forums that allow students to communicate and collaborate with each other.

Online learning site edX.org requires an active account and a minimum donation to the organization to participate in any of its classes.

To take an online computer coding class with the University of Phoenix, follow its matriculation procedures and receive a letter of acceptance into the college. Once you enroll, register for classes and access study materials through the school's website.

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