Which ATMs Can You Use to Get a Cash Advance Using a Barclay MasterCard?


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Customers can use their Barclay MasterCard at ATMs that accept MasterCard throughout the United States and the world. ATM locations can be found using the ATM Locator search on the MasterCard website. Customers must have their PIN number to withdraw cash from the ATM.

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Barclay assigns a PIN number to the account when it is opened. Customers have the option of changing their PINs to a number of their choice when they activate their cards.

When customers obtain a cash advance through the ATM, they are charged a fee by the ATM and Barclaycard. Barclaycard fees vary based on the type of account. Customers can find out the fees applied to their accounts by logging into their Barclaycard online account. In addition, customers may be charged up to 2.99 percent for exchange fees for foreign transactions.

ATM fees are set by the ATM owner and generally range from 50 cents to $3 for each transaction. Customers may cancel an ATM transaction before getting cash to avoid these fees.

Barclay credit cards now feature a smart chip for more convenient use in Europe, China, Australia and other countries where chips are widely used. When using the chip feature, customers may sign for transactions or be asked to enter their PIN.

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