How Do You Find ATM Machines That Take Cirrus?

How Do You Find ATM Machines That Take Cirrus?

To locate ATM machines that take Cirrus cards, begin on the home page of MasterCard's website. Click on the Consumers tab, and on the next page, select Find An ATM. This brings you to the ATM Locator page, which identifies devices that accept MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus cards. ATMs that accept Cirrus always display the card's logo.

On MasterCard's Locator page, use the drop-down list to select a country or region. Then choose a search category: Address, Airport or Attraction.

For Address, include the pertinent information on Mastercard's Locator page, such as street address, city, state or ZIP code. Use the drop-down list to select a search radius. Choose additional criteria, if desired, such as drive through, 24-hour or wheelchair accessible. Click on the Find ATMs button.

To use MasterCard's website to determine if an airport has ATMs that take Cirrus cards, choose Airport on MasterCard's ATM Locator page. Select a country or region, and input the three-digit international airport code. Alternately, type in the airport's city. Hit Find ATMs.

To find Cirrus ATMs near attractions, click on Attraction on MasterCard's Locator page. Indicate the name of the attraction and the city and state or ZIP code. Choose a search radius and additional criteria, and select Find ATMs.