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If your financial institution partners with Allpoint, you can use the search feature on AllpointNetwork.com to find an Allpoint ATM. Allpoint offers surcharge-free ATMs in every state as well as Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Puerto Rico. Most banks also offer surcharge-free ATMs to their cardholders and sometimes have ATM finders on their websites.

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Many major financial institutions partner with Allpoint, which provides surcharge-free ATMs to any partnered cardholders. Allpoint has an ATM locator on their website and apps for Windows, Android and iOS. Subscription to the Allpoint network is automatic if your bank partners with them, and the Allpoint app also points out nearby surcharge-free ATMs whenever an out-of-network withdrawal is made.

If your financial institution does not partner with Allpoint, look for an official institution branch or affiliated ATM. Most banks offer surcharge-free transactions within their networks and provide tools to find these services. Some banks also offer surcharge-free transactions for out-of-network ATMs, but these services are uncommon and often come with other stipulations or limits.

If none of these options are available, it's possible to get small amounts of cash using the cash back option at some stores when paying with a card. Most stores limit the amount of cash you may withdraw this way.

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