How Does Asurion Insurance Relate to Sprint?

Asurion Insurance directly relates to Sprint through comprehensive mobile protection. Asurion Insurance also provides protection on other home electronics and appliances and helps with device installation for its customers. Sprint is a telecommunications company that sells branded cell phones, and its partnership with Asurion Insurance insures customers' devices safety in case of loss or damage, according to

Asurion Insurance offers total equipment protection on Sprint cell phones. Among other services, the insurance includes replacing a phone in the event it is lost, stolen, or damaged; securing phone data and offering direct contact with a technical expert. Sprint's customers subscribe to mobile apps that enable them locate their phones, secure their privacy even boost battery life.

The relation between Asurion Insurance and Sprint guarantees customers a next-day replacement of their devices along with fast restoration of photos, contacts and any other vital information that might have been lost. In the event of a phone replacement, customers need to file a claim. They then undergo a documentation process of their device, and any deductibles can be made online before a replacement is done, states

Asurion ensures harmonious living between people and technology, as the company also digitally connects the globe by working on any device, states