What Do Astronauts Do in Space?


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Astronauts carry out a number of duties in space, including equipment inspection, medical experiments, monitoring Earth, cleaning tools and carrying out repairs, updating computer equipment and taking pictures of various aspects of space. These are just among the most important tasks of astronauts.

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Astronauts are professionals trained to carry out various activities including piloting spacecrafts and carrying out various space missions. Below are some details regarding what these professionals do while in space.

  • Equipment inspection - astronauts use their knowledge to examine the various space station equipment and make recommendations for replacement or repair.
  • Experiments - astronauts may be required to carry out various experiments, including finding out how the human body copes with living in space. They may also conduct certain research in space laboratories.
  • Monitoring Earth - astronauts may be required to observe Earth from space in order to make analysis with regard to how human beings are affecting it.
  • Photography - astronauts may sometimes be required to take pictures of objects in space to help facilitate their study by scientists on Earth.
  • Updating computer equipment - these professionals have to carry out routine maintenance services and update computers to ensure consistency and accuracy of missions.
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