How Do You Get Assistance With Closing Costs?

To receive assistance with closing costs, buyers can seek out government agencies that offer grants to low-income buyers, notes SFGate. Another option is to see if the home's seller would be willing to handle the closing costs, according to Money Crashers.

Buyers looking for grants to cover closing costs should start by searching state programs with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to SFGate. Some of the eligibility requirements for such programs include being a first-time borrower, successfully meeting specific income requirements, using the property as a primary home, and meeting loan and credit stipulations. Borrowers should also bear in mind that a majority of closing costs can be waived and negotiated.

When approaching the home's seller about paying closing costs, buyers should be prepared to pay the complete asking price, not make unfair demands, be prepared to close and be willing to meet the seller on a middle ground, notes Money Crashers. Being prepared to pay the home's full asking price rather than putting in a lower offer can help put the seller in a better mood to take care of the closing costs. Being ready to close is an especially good strategy when doing business with a seller who has another home he's trying to move to and wants to take care of his mortgage loan as quickly as possible.