What Does an Assessment Test Prove?


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An assessment test may prove different things depending on its context, with career assessment tests helping students and job seekers identify potential job paths while a skill assessment test allows an employer to understand how much an employee knows about a certain topic. Each type of test focuses on different areas and uses different questions to find results.

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A career assessment test is a tool to help an individual understand interests and strengths and pick a field or industry in which to seek employment. These tests typically cover a broad range of topics and feature different qualitative and quantitative questions to help determine aptitude and ability. In many cases, these tests provide more general results, such as suggesting careers in education or that involve travel rather than identifying a specific occupation or company. These tests do not limit a person to a specific job, but instead present new areas in which to focus a job search.

A skill assessment test proves the taker's understanding and proficiency in a given area, such as computer programming in a specific language, machine operation or using a piece of software. These tests allow the employer to decide if the employee is capable of executing tasks that relate to the skill, or if the person requires more training before undertaking the position. Some employers may allow the employee to take the test multiple times to show improvement.

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