What Are Some Aspects of Disaster Recovery?


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Business disaster recovery plans typically focus around the logistics, computer and information systems vital to company operation, and include plans for natural as well as man-made disasters. Since modern companies rely so heavily on their information technology infrastructure, these systems must be hardened to survive a disaster, or be flexible enough to quickly return to service afterwards.

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What Are Some Aspects of Disaster Recovery?
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One of the most common aspects to any business continuity and disaster recovery plan is an offsite backup of vital computer data. While on-site backups can be useful in the case of malware or other issues, a fire or flood that damages a company facility can ruin any local data storage. Keeping backups in remote locations, especially multiple copies held in different geographical areas, ensures that at least one copy of the backup survives even a regional disaster.

Supply chain and logistics planning are also important parts of any disaster recovery plan for a company involved in production. If specialized equipment is required to produce materials, a secondary location with available equipment can keep the company functioning. If a primary supplier of materials is affected by a disaster, an alternate supply chain may provide enough support to keep production from falling to unsatisfactory levels.

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