How Do You Ask for a Raise Via Letter?

To ask for a raise via letter, write a formal business letter that calls attention to the employee's job performance, cites personal achievements within the company, makes the employer aware of any changes in the employees' credentials and requests a specific amount of money. Know how much the job is worth prior to asking for a raise.

Employees are more successful when they request raises that are practical considering the job position and responsibilities.

  1. Format a business letter
  2. Format the letter in a word processing program. Business letters should include the date, the names and addresses of both parties, an appropriate salutation, a signature and a list of any enclosures. For example, the employee might include a copy of his or her last performance review.
  3. Highlight recent accomplishments
  4. Employees write successful letters requesting raises by calling attention to their work ethic and success in the company. These could include increased profit margins for the business, recognition from a superior or subordinate and other performance-related milestones. Employees should also mention changes in their credentials, such as graduation from a class or training program.
  5. Request a specific amount
  6. Based on the industry standards, request a raise of a specific amount. Format the amount based on the employee's wages. For example, salaried employees might ask for $2,000 more per year, while hourly employees might request a raise of $0.50 per hour.