How Do You Ask for a Promotion?


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When asking for a promotion, it is critical to be armed with the facts of why it is deserved, to come across as confident but not cocky, and to show a willingness to work harder once in the new position. It is also best to lay some groundwork before asking for a promotion rather than asking for it out of the blue, even if the promotion is well-deserved.

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To lay the groundwork, first ask the boss for concrete, achievable goals. This ensures that the employee and boss share the same performance expectations. Exceeding these expectations makes promotion possible.

An employee hoping for a promotion should incorporate his boss's input to create an action plan outlining core duties, tasks, bonuses and expectations. Participate in visible projects, such as volunteering for difficult tasks or corporate community-service events. This raises the perception in the employer's mind that the employee is a team player. It also helps when the employee shows a willingness to wear multiple hats.

Employees should also avoid passing the buck when mistakes occur. Taking responsibility and fixing problems shows maturity and leadership. When interviewing for an internal promotion, employees should not assume that they will get preferential treatment over external candidates and should try just as hard in an internal interview as they would in an external interview.

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