How Do You Ask for a Job Application?

To ask for a job application, approach an employee in the store, and ask to speak with the on-duty manager or supervisor. After a brief introduction, ask the manager for a job application. Be prepared to fill out a paper or online application.

  1. Ask for a manager

    In most retail or office environments, a manager or supervisor handles new hires. Therefore, ask to speak with a manager or supervisor for a job application. Doing so ensures you receive a proper application and offers immediate engagement with hiring personnel.

  2. Introduce yourself

    Once the manager or supervisor arrives, briefly introduce yourself, and describe your interest in working with the company. Keep this introduction friendly and under 15 seconds. Have your resume on hand, and be prepared to deliver the resume after your introduction.

  3. Ask about the application process

    After introducing yourself, inquire about the store application process. Do not assume the store requires paper applications. Some retail and office environments require prospective employees to complete an application online or at an in-store computer kiosk.

  4. Fill out the job application

    Complete the paper or online job application as soon as possible. Make sure you have your own pen for paper applications.

  5. Return the application

    If the store uses a paper application process, return the job application to the manager or supervisor with whom you spoke.