How Do You Ask for a Job?

How Do You Ask for a Job?

Asking for a job is a matter of networking with the right people and pitching directly to an employer with a strong idea of the expected achievements to be made. The majority of jobs are not actually advertised, so it pays to ask employers themselves for a position. If the employer does not have any vacancies, talking to them will at least leave them with a "go-getting" impression for the future.

There are five general steps to asking employers for work:

Step 1: Identify target

Always aim to speak to someone with the power to make hiring decisions. This might be a manager (for an entry-level position) or a senior manager or company director (for a mid-level position).

Step 2: Make initial contact

The best way to make the first contact with an employer is through a mutual friend or acquaintance. Failing that, send an introductory email outlining a desire to know more about their career insights by meeting.

Step 3: Rehearse an "elevator pitch"

Practice summarizing as concisely as possible the reasons for seeking employment in the given sector. Particularly if making a transition, it is important to know in advance how to explain it.

Step 4: Consider questions

Decide on some questions that will make the most of the meeting. For example, a relatively passive way of soliciting further introductions within the industry is to ask which other companies one might contact.

Step 5: Go to the meeting

When going to the meeting, keep goals in mind. Be upfront with people about personal goals and expectations.