What Is Armed Security Guard Training?


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Armed security guards must have training in how to use their weapons, detain suspects and perform their duties, according to the Commonwealth of Virginia website. This training includes many hours of in-class instruction and gun range training for use of weapons. Completion of training results in an armed security guard license that is valid for employment at local businesses.

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Armed security guard training is necessary to seek employment as an armed security guard. It is also necessary to retrain in order to get a renewal of an armed security guard license. The length of time between re-training varies, but in Tennessee security guards must renew their license every 2 years, notes the Tennessee Government website.

The training courses consist of basic security guard courses in the law, patrol, documentation and handling emergencies. Guards must also learn about what arrest powers they have and arrest procedures. Guards learn how to use a handgun and a shotgun, care for and maintain their weapons.

Training courses vary in length from a minimum of four hours up to 50 plus hours, notes the Tennessee Government and Commonwealth of Virginia websites. The main concern with armed guard training is that the guard learn how to properly handle a weapon and the full extent of his powers in the line of duty.

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