How Do You Find an Arizona Beneficiary Deed Form?

Find Arizona beneficiary deed forms through online legal portals such as The form on Nolo's website allows users to fill in the blanks such as naming beneficiaries, writing a description of the property and signing the deed and having it notarized. There is a subscription fee in order to download the form. Rocket Lawyer also has customizable beneficiary deed forms available on its website.

A beneficiary deed, or transfer on death deed, allows someone to choose a beneficiary who receives property after that individual has passed away. The chosen beneficiary has no right to the property while the owner is still alive, and if the property is owned jointly, does not apply until all homeowners have passed away. It's possible to name alternative beneficiaries if the original beneficiary refuses the property or is not alive to receive it, Rocket Lawyer explains.

Once a beneficiary deed is prepared, it is then filed in the county records office of the county the property is located in, Rocket Lawyer says. This makes the deed legal. The deed does include any mortgages that are attached to the property, so any money owned on the property is the responsibility of the grantor. The grantor has the right to revoke the deed at any time.