How Does the Arise Call Center Work?

The Arise virtual call center allows a company to hire on-demand workers to field customer service calls from remote locations, rather than reporting to a physical call center, through the use of proprietary technology and voice-over-IP tools. This allows the company to reduce overhead, scale according to need and draw from a wider pool of workers.

The traditional call center model involves a set location that houses a team of employees continually answering customer service calls, either for a single company or from multiple companies, depending on the nature of the center and its contracts. In contrast, Arise operates a network of virtual call centers that consist of multiple people, many of whom work from home, fielding the calls as needed using the company's special software and tools. Each Arise call center employee is able to work on their own schedule and in any location with an Internet connection.

This model means that a company does not need to employ its own full-time call center employees, nor does it need to maintain such a location. It is able to outsource the customer service calls to Arise that assigns it to its workers according to availability and demand. It also allows the company the ability to increase or decrease the number of agents fielding its calls to match its current customer volume.