What Areas Does Regions Bank Serve?


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Regions Bank has locations in the midwest and southern regions of the United States. States that house Regions Bank locations and ATMs include Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas, among several others.

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Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Regions Bank provides banking for retail and commercial purposes and offers products and services to include insurance, mortgages, trusts and securities brokerage. Regions Bank is both the largest company in the state of Alabama and also the only Fortune 500 member in the state. It offers 1,700 branches and 2,400 ATMs across 16 states.

The merger of three Alabama banks -- First National Bank of Montgomery, Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham and First National Bank of Huntsville -- combined to create Regions Bank in 1971. These three initial banks carried a rich history in Alabama, which introduced depth and dimension to the nascent Regions Bank. For instance, the First national Bank building maintained the same purpose for 170 years until its retirement in 2010, except for a small hiatus when it served as a hospital for Union Soldiers during the American Civil War.

Regions Bank grew larger after the passage of the Interstate Banking Bill in 1986. This bill allowed banks to acquire out-of-state assets and directly led to Regions Bank's expansion across the south and midwest.

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