How Do You Get an Arco Fuel Card?


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A business can obtain an Arco fuel card by applying for the card via the Arco website. Drivers can obtain an Arco fuel card from an employer who uses the service.

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A business can apply to use an Arco card by completing an online form, similar to a typical credit card application. The form requires contact and company information such as business type, years in business and number of vehicles. Applications take about two weeks to be processed. Arco sends notification of acceptance or denial by mail.

The applicant, or fleet manager, provides the fuel card to his employees. The Arco fuel card can be used to purchase fuel and maintenance, if the fleet manager allows, at any participating Arco location. The fleet manager is able to set controls for each user, putting limits on fuel amount, time and frequency perimeters, and purchase types. The fleet manager can require a PIN to be used for each purchase. Fleet managers access details about each user's transaction via the Arco website.

Arco also has a universal card option that can be used to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The fleet manager can place controls on the use of the MasterCard as well.

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