What Is Appropriate Wording for Business Lunch Invitations?

skynesher/Vetta/Getty Images

Appropriate wording for inviting others to a business lunch varies depending on the purpose of the lunch and intended audience, but should include basic information, such as the reason for the lunch, important issues to be discussed and time and location of the event. Asking others to lunch is a common theme in many businesses and serves as a way to create unity among coworkers, opportunity to get to know potential clients and plan strategic actions with business managers. Lunch invitations can be formal or informal and are formatted based on the person or company hosting the lunch as well as the intended recipient.

Corporate lunches are held for a number of reasons. They may serve as an informal way for coworkers to spend time together and enhance their relationships and can function as strategic tools for marketing and promotions by serving as a setting for unveiling a new product or idea or to search for fundraising opportunities. Lunch invitations vary in degrees of formality depending on the occasion and the recipient, but should have some basic information. Invitations should state the purpose of the lunch, the time and location of the event and RSVP and contact information. Invitations should highlight any significant themes to be discussed during the event, as well as the overall theme of the occasion, if one exists.