What Are Some Appropriate Games to Play at Employee Meetings?

What Are Some Appropriate Games to Play at Employee Meetings?

Good games to play at an employee meeting include "Trading Cards," "the Anti-Problem," "Pre-mortem" and "Button." These games help to get the most out of meetings by encouraging employee ingenuity and creativity.

The "Trading Cards" game is a good icebreaker and helps employees to get to know each other better. Each player is provided a blank index card to draw a self-portrait, a short description of what makes him unique and a nickname. The participants then pass the cards around, preferably until members all have cards that interest them. Each member then asks the creator of the card a question about the player.

The "Anti-Problem" game is designed to help employees view problems from different perspectives. The players solve problems opposite to the existing problem. If the company goal is to improve customer service, ask the employees how to deteriorate customer service. The game can help employees find things they are doing that contribute to the problem.

The "Pre-mortem" game is designed to help employees analyze risks and potential problems before a project commences. The players visualize the completed project, and each one contributes a reason why the project could fail.

Lastly, the "Button" game is designed to improve concentration. One team member holds a small token, such as a poker chip, and shares an idea. He then gives the chip to a random team member to share his idea and so on. This helps to break the monotony of going around in a circle when team members who have already contributed to the meeting may zone out.