What Is an Appointment Letter Template?


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An appointment letter template is a document that provides an example of how an appointment letter should be written. Appointment letters are legally binding documents that offer employment to an individual for a predetermined salary and specific length of time. Appointment letters are used by a variety of businesses to hire contractors, and educational institutions also use appointment letters to hire faculty members.

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In the first section of an appointment letter, there must be a formal statement that clearly states the business name, the employee's name and the offer of employment. The specific department the employee will work in, primary job duties of the position and work hours also need to be detailed in the introduction. This section must also outline the benefits of the position, such as vacation time, sick pay and health insurance.

Next, there needs to be a section that goes over the duration of the appointment and the penalties for not fulfilling the contract. Additionally, the business must also include some kind of clause allowing for the termination of the employee if performance requirements are not met.

Ultimately, the appointment letter must be clear and contain no contradictory information or vague phrases. It is best to consult a lawyer or human resource professional when drafting an appointment letter.

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