How do you apply for the Wendy's scholarship?


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To apply for the Wendy���s scholarship, fulfill the requirements, get a sponsor and fill out an application, according to Wendy���s High School Heisman. This scholarship is for students who have a B average or higher and have been involved in a school sport or had experience as a role model or leader in the community in high school.

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Every applicant must have a reviewer, notes Wendy���s High School Heisman. This must be a school official, such as a school counselor, teacher or administrator at the school. After finding a reviewer, fill out the application for the Wendy���s scholarship. There is an online application that includes an eligibility quiz as the first step. This lets you know if you are eligible for the scholarship. If not, you don���t need to continue with the application.

The application process includes information about you, including where you attended high school, what your GPA was and what types of sports or extra-curricular activities you were involved in, says Wendy���s High School Heisman. The application also looks to see how you perform and lead in your community. You must register with the website. This allows you to save the application���s process and complete it at a later time. Pay close attention to the date and time the application must be submitted.

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