How Do You Apply for the Walmart Canada MasterCard?


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Customers must apply for the Walmart Canada MasterCard at the customer service counter of their nearest store, according to Walmart. The Walmart MasterCard is a credit card offering certain rewards points whenever customers make purchases at Walmart and other qualifying locations.

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  1. Locate a Walmart store
  2. Go to walmart.ca and click on the "Stores" tab at the top of the page. Type in the local post code and click on "Find." The next page will show a map and a listing of nearby Walmart stores. Customers can choose the one they prefer to go to for the application process.

  3. Go fill out the application
  4. Go to the preferred Walmart store and head to the Customer Service desk. Sometimes, stores may have cashiers ask customers if they would like to apply when customers are checking out too. Ask to fill out the application for a Walmart Credit card. Customers will need to provide information such as their address, name and household income level.

  5. Get application results
  6. Give the application back to the employee at the service desk. He will enter some basic information into the computers to find out if applicants receive instant approval. If so, customers may be able to purchase some items in the grocery store on their instant credit and have the card mailed to them later, notes Walmart. If not, the card manufacturer will review the application further and let the applicants know if they have been approved for a Walmart Mastercard through the mail.

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